Aes Sedai Ring

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Given to the sisters of the White Tower, the Great Serpent Ring is the mark of the Aes Sedai magic users who guard and protect the world. The color of the stone within the ring signifies to which Ajah within the Tower the sister owes her allegiance and to the area of study she specializes in. The Red Ajah enforces the rules of the tower and tames male channelers. The Blue Ajah engages in causes and most directly tries to guide and shepherd the world. The Green Ajah is the battle Ajah and stands ready to fight the Dark One. The Yellow Ajah are the healers who specialize in the curing and care of the sick and wounded. The Gray Ajah are the diplomats advising rulers and mediating political disputes. The Brown Ajah are researchers and historians who focus on gathering and preserving knowledge. The White Ajah are academics who focus on logic and philosophy. 


Plated with 24k gold and using real semi precious stones this officially licensed collectible ring has been meticulously designed based on the actual prop used in the show. 


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Gem Material: Sodalite (Blue), Jasper (Red), Tiger Agate (Brown), Malachite (Green), Howlite (White), Calcite (Yellow), Winter Agate (Grey). 

Includes: Keepsake Box.

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