Heron Mark Sword of Rand al'Thor

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Carried by Tam al’Thor when he fought in the Aiel War, this sword was kept hidden in the cottage he shared with his son Rand until one fateful night when Trollocs sent by the Dark One attacked.  It bears the heron mark, indicating its wielder is a blademaster, a title which Tam earned and Rand hopes to live up to as he now carries this sword on his mission with Moiraine Sedai to stop the Dark One. 

Crafted from high quality materials and meticulously designed based off the actual prop this adult collectible prop replica is officially licensed. This product is not a toy please keep out of the reach of children. This replica is intended solely for display purposes as a collector’s item.

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Blade Material: Stainless Steel, false edge

Blade Length: 28 ⅝ inches

Overall Length: 39 ⅛ inches

Handle: Genuine leather wrap, antique brass handle parts

Includes: Wall display plaque, genuine leather scabbard, and certificate of authenticity. 

Plaque: Silkscreened wood with brass heron

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